Got Ugly Stumps?

Do you have unsightly stumps in your yard?  Tired of having to mow around a stump in your yard?  Removing stumps helps with curb appeal and property value.  

When a tree is cut down there still remains a stump. Some people can live with them in their yards and dont mind mowing around them for a lifetime, other people can’t stand them. If you can’t live with it, how do you get rid of it?

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We are insured and use a lightweight, self propelled, turf friendly, machine, so you don't have to worry about us damaging your yard with heavy equipment. When we are finished there will be a pile of mulch/dirt (how much depends on how big the stump was). We normally rake the mulch/dirt back into the hole where the stump was.

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Our prices vary from stump to stump.  Due to each stump being different we are unable give you a quote for stump grinding over the phone.  We offer free quotes and quantity discounts.  So you are probably wondering how we calculate the price.  Using the image below as an illustration.  Notice where the stump is cut off is not the widest point of the stump.  We measure from the lowest and widest point of visible stump to come up with the measurement.  Stumps cut low to the ground as possible (around 6" or less) will lead to a cheaper price. 
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-You could try burning the stump out.
-You could dig the stump out of the ground.
-You could pour chemicals on it to break it down.
-You could rent a stump grinder and grind it yourself.​​​

​If you decide to do any of the above be careful and good luck.  If you don't want the headache of doing it yourself kee
p reading.  We provide:​